29 June 2011

Best Hockey Fights of the 2010-11 Season

Yahoo! Sports Top 10 Fights of the Year full link
I'm not going to post all of the top 10. That's what the link is for. But here's my recap of some of the highlights.

Now having been in a couple of tangles like these a few dozen times in my illustrious house/high school/beer league hockey career, I have quite a respect for these guys. That being said, they are bat shit crazy. Punching someone with a helmet on, with a visor no less, is equivalent to punching your fridge 30 times in 45 seconds (yes, I've done both. In my defense the fridge punching came when I mixed three 40's with the Red Wings first round playoff loss in 2006). It is still about the most exhilarating thing in sports. If you can watch these without feeling a bit anxious or wanting to absolutely pummel the closest thing punchable, you have no soul.

Great overall scrum. Just hay makers on every throw.

God I especially love this one because I fucking hate Iginla. Such a prick. Dude is solid though. He takes one of the more vicious shots to the eyeball that I've ever seen. I expected the shit to be dangling off his face. That wouldn't have even stopped him here. He's snorting and drinking his own blood before it's all said and done and he's still throwing shots.

I love when he wipes his face at the end then looks like "blood? Hmmm that's weird. Didn't even feel that one." You think Calgary would accept a trade for Iginla if we offered Hudler, Cleary, and a signed Mike Vernon Flames jersey?

Ding dong! Cue up the Dr. Dre - Keep Your Head Ringin'. Quick question. Ivanans, how do your teeth taste? Brutal.

Bonus! This fight was from last year, but I just love it. Quick preface for this one. Not much of a fight, but I thoroughly enjoy when the hockey God's lay down some karma on the dirtiest player in the league, Matt Cooke. Cooke has been involved in numerous cheap shots over the past few seasons. Last year he ended Boston Bruins' star forward Marc Savard's season on a disgusting, blindsided elbow to the head.

Now here is what happens when he picks on Atlanta's Evander Kane. And yes, Kane is named after Evander Holyfield and comes from a long line of boxers. Sleep tight, asshole.


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