06 June 2011

Free Plaxico!

Plaxico is back into the free world. If the Lions didn't draft Titus Young, I would be all about picking up Plax. When is Detroit going to take a chance on an ex-convict just aching to redeem himself? Mike Vick goes for 5 tuddys in one game and Philly doesn't seem to have a problem with his "potential for off the field issues". You know what? "Off the field issues" is the weakest fuckin' excuse ever. What are professional athletes doing outside of a team facitily anyway? Why isn't he in the weight room? Why isn't he watching tape? Who lets these clowns out of their sight? I think Jim Rome said it best. Something to the effect of: Eat, weight room, practice, eat, film, weight room, eat, sleep. How hard is that?
I realize at this point Plax is merely a 6'5" black Cheddar Bob, but you put a football in the man's hand and he's a phenom. Let the big dog eat. And even though this is an old take, I get it. Somebody's gotta tote the heater to the club. Right Lil Wayne? Play me off Weezy!


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