01 June 2011

SOLD! To the man with the Moves!

by Wild Steve
It's official! The Pistons have officially been sold to Tom Gores and his dance moves. This is a great day for Detroit Basketball fans because we now have the freedom to make some damn moves for once. And no, I'm not talkin about the monkey like Tommy boy is doing in the above pic, or even my personal favorite; movin like Bernie. I'm talkin the long laundry list of things that need to be done to make this team a contender again. So Tommy, my boy, if you're reading this-OK first of all if you're really reading this, think about investing- take a minute and reflect on what WildSteve thinks your priorities should be...

1. 86 some dudes ASAP!
It's simple, the only thing left of the 2004 championship should be the banner in the raftors. Well, and maybe give Joe D another year cuz I doubt you know enough about basketball to even make a layup. But send people packing. This means Tayshaun, Rip and Big Ben. Love ya guys, but it was fun while it lasted.

2. For the love of God fire Kuester already
It's almost rude to keep this guy around as long as we have when he KNOWS its not gonna last. This is a rough economy and he better get a good jump on finding a new gig. Hey Kue, try college ball. Smaller egos, more white dudes, and no security guards to get in the way of you wanting to talk to a player. Er...

3. Get involved!
Bill Davidson wanted 1 thing for this franchise and that was to win (and obviously make money because we live in a society after all and you gotta follow at least a basic business model). Karen Davidson wanted one thing: to sell if for twice face value. Listen Karen, this isn't a Justin Beiber floor seat you're trying to sell to MdotNetz on the street for double the price and a blowie. It takes a real man to take a team on the way down and make a serious effort to get it back to the top. I admire that, big Tom.

4. Lastly, keep on dancin til the world ends!
Bro can move, not gonna lie. Worst case scenario: team still sucks and Tommy just busts a move every timeout. Hey! You and Nathaniel have something in common after all...


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