07 June 2011

iOS 5...Wow Is This Nice

by Jacob Allen
Probably after I deal with this...
I am a Microsoft Windows man.  Always have been, and always will be.  About 3 years ago a person I will not name duped me into buying and iPhone.  Here I am 3 generations later blogging about an Apple product, but even the "Mac Hater"s can't talk too much trash anymore.  The iPhone and now the iPad are just industry leading products.  Now we get iOS 5??  Very impressive.

Apple is ahead of the curve.  At the WWDC 2011 Keynote today, Steve Jobs claimed 200 new features are to highlight iOS 5...that seems like a lot.  Maybe more than what's real....but, as an iPhone user myself I definitely cant wait a few of the features.

What I see so far is uber cool, and I can't wait to get this puppy on my phone.  I'm sure ill have an iOS 5 beta build in a few days.  Heres the top tweaks I see so far.

1. Simple Animated Notifications

2. Universal Swipe Down Notification Menu

3. Interactive Lock Screen

4. Location Based Reminders

5. Tabbed Browsing

6. Camera Button On Lock Screen

7. Volume Up Button To Take Pictures

8. Pinch To Zoom In While Taking Picture

9. Image Editing & Photo Rotation

10. Cross Platform Messaging App

11. Wi-Fi Wireless Backup & Sync