16 June 2011

Vancouver Riot Firework Nutshot

Hits it right on the head; pun intended. The real problem with the Vancouver riots is that the glorified mounties trying to break it up aren't doing shit. Tear gas here, batons there. Now I've been in 2 outstanding riots in my life and EL/State of Michigan/Ingham County/Okemos/ MSU cops don't play games. They fucking throw flash bangs that make kids vomit. If you're in a 500ft radius of these things, you're in the fetal position and zip tied. I've been tear gassed twice before and it's obscene, but was this all these Canadian guys were packin? Like in 2007, when MSU bball lost in the second round of the dance and Cedar Village was lit on fire, cops were shooting crowd control netting on groups of unruly bros to hog tie 15 at a time. Like the tear gas was a warning shot, not a last resort. Kids were chanting "Gas us! Gas us!", just begging for it.  Everyone that was a part of the 2005 riot was seemingly immune and craving more. It was almost a badge of honor to have been gassed before.  Just as I'm typing this, ESPN is saying "(rioters) came with gasoline tanks and eye goggles. They had a plan." Come the fuck on. It was only 1 car on fire. In EL there was multiple couches and dumpsters on fire in a 4 block complex. Shit was Hades. Kids vomiting on their friend who is seizing and catatonic. Girls punching cops and screaming until they're hog tied. C'mon Vancouver. MSU basketball is just one out of about 9 teams worth rioting over in Michigan. Hockey is all you have. Sack up and put your life on the line. But no, Vancouver police and rioters alike both merely showed up, and true to their team, gave very little effort. Way to Luongo life, Vancouver.


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