15 June 2011

Hey DeShawn! How's Your Drink Taste?

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During an interview with Dallas’s 105.3 The Fan on Tuesday, DeShawn Stevenson was asked about the Mavericks’ epic South Beach party after winning the title.

“Actually, I didn’t go out,” Stevenson said. “I go out a lot but I didn’t go out that night. I didn’t go to the party because my wife wasn’t there, she’s pregnant and I don’t think she can fly right now, so I’m not gonna go out and celebrate while she’s home. I already felt bad....I mean, I missed being there as a family, I know it was a good time, but at the same time I’m happy we got that championship. If my wife did come, she’s pregnant, we can’t be in the club like that. Somebody could push her, she could slip. It’s not a good look.” [...] Anyhow, inevitably, comes Wednesday’s news that Stevenson was arrested for public intoxication by Irving police, who “found him wandering disoriented in an apartment complex.” The Dallas Morning News wrote that Stevenson did not know where he was. Not a good look.

DeShawn Stevenson was arrested for being too drunk? Didn't the cops know he just won the NBA Championship? Maybe it would have helped if the cops actually knew who he is. Isn't going out after a huge win, or accomplishing anything great for that matter, status quo? I mean if we win our beer league hockey championship, I might not make it into work on Thursday. Might as well just arrest me as soon as I untie my skates. I mean, boys will be boys.


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