17 June 2011

Shuttin Em' Down!

Sorry lads, there's rules in this country. I know you're thinking the American Dream is starting young with close to nothing in your pockets, and building yourself up to the top, but you gotta do it right. I didn't go to Yale for 6 years to get fucked my the laws of commerce; entrepreneurship isn't as easy as it seems. Licensing, incorporation fees, limited liability insurance, etc. All that shit needs to be considered before you can start turning profit. Takes money to make money, like I always say. And see what happens when you try to weasel your way around the system? You get fucked by the long dick of the law. Let this be a lesson to these little chaps, and better they learn it early: do shit right or don't do it at all. If they forked out the vendor fee in the first place, they'd be in the black right now. Good plan. Poor execution


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