27 June 2011


Snakey Snakerton has had to integrate me into every techy thing for the past 5 years. I always love his advice because I feel so far ahead of the tech-curve, when in reality I'm probably just a few shots under par. But this time I feel like such a worm boy. I said I would never buy "i" anything. Normally I'm a man of my word, but with this product I couldn't help it.

I'd watch videos of iPhone 4 and MacBook Air reviews and yawn. My android and PC products are on the same level with those and I'm still happy with my purchases. When tablets came out, all I could do was smile when I saw them. Using a tablet is like you are legitimately from the future. It must be what riding a Segway felt like back in 2003.

When my PC died, it was legitimately like making the executive decision on pulling the plug on a loved one. I had to do it. Had to move on. It was like the movie "The Big Chill". I mean the PC killed itself essentially(no thanks to 3 years of steady porn sites and downloading music and movies, but I digress), and at this point all I could do is send it off the right way, by getting drunk and listening to Motown tunes.

All in all, please bear with me while I learn the blogging basics from the iPad. I know you can't go without reading me for too long, and that's why I love you rascals.

- Posted using BlogPress from my iPad. ... I promise I'll never do that "posted from my iPad" bullshit again. Just kinda went with the theme. Cmon I'm not that douchey.


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