24 June 2011

Metta World Peace & Other Name Changes We Need To See

November 19, 2004.  Malice at the Palace.  I was there.  It was awesome.  Ron was there too....er...I mean Metta.

Today we learned that Ron Artest, like Chad 85 before him, has filed for an official name change.  Metta World Peace.  Apparently Metta is a Buddhist-derived word meaning loving, kindness, friendliness....blah blah blah.

If Ron Artest can be Metta World Peace, does that mean anybody can be anything?  It got me thinking.

Here are some others I really need to see:

1. Morgan , I Accept Gays (Tracy)

2. Brown, Real Men Talk It Out (Chris)

3. Rodriguez, Defense Wins Championships (Rich)

4. Weiner, Wrong Dong (Anthony)

5. Iverson, Accept Any Role (Allen)

6. Woods, Faithful (Tiger)

7. Simpson, I Did It (OJ)

Did I miss any?

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