16 August 2011

Top 10 Fantasy WRs 2011: Desean Jackson Is Super Duper Fly

You want to tell me this guy is not one of the top 5 fantasy wideouts?  Dude just goes yack after yack after yack.  Secrets out on this weapon.

Chris Carter thinks so and I think so.  Send it in.

"Carter listed his top six receivers as Andre Johnson, Larry Fitzgerald, Greg Jennings (Western Michigan), Reggie Wayne, DeSean Jackson and Roddy White."

Here's my top 10 WRs for 2011:

1. Calvin Johnson - Straight up MAN haulin in Matty's lasers for YOUR Detroit Lions.

2. Larry Fitzgerald - Welcome back.

3. Andre Johnson - Ankle injury is in the past.

4. Roddy White - Offense in ATL is going to put up PlayStation points.

5. DeSean Jackson - See above.  Hands down the most electric baller on the planet.

6. Greg Jennings - Like ATL Green Bay offense unstoppable.

7. Hakeem Nicks - Only gets better now that Steve Smith has a new home in Philly.

8. Reggie Wayne - Not what he was 3 years ago but still a man you want in your corner.

9. Vince Jackson - At 6'5" with legs fresh as Downey...Jackson is primed to start rollin up cats.

10. Brandon Marshall - A top level talent who will benefit from another year in South Beach.

Just missed:

Dez Bryant, Miles Austin, Mike Wallace, Jeremy Maclin, Wes Welker, Stevie Johnson, Kenny Britt, Santonio Holmes


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