01 August 2011

Carlos Guillen: A Tragic Hero

... Goin in where WildSteve left off. That's how The Rock and Sock Connection does it partna!

Well since Coach D is gonna throw around the term "tragic hero" ever so loosely and in poor context, why can't I? Guillen has been hurt since forever and he comes in and provides the spark this ball club needs. Taking no prisoners up there. Carlos throws some sweet chin music on Weaver after blasting off on Sunday. Obviously the media is up in arms about this and I don't see anything wrong with it. Sometimes you just need to shut the fuck up or somebody will shut you up. If I were Guillen I would've grabbed my balls and C-walked the bases on that red mother fucker.

You think this a game? No, you pussy, this is a pennant race and were not goin' down without a bench-clearing brawl. And if I was Avila, I'd be serving up some knuckle sandwiches with a side of French cries on Weaver's grill. I would make sure Weaver is shitting his teeth until his next start. Just grab that effeminate mop and pull him in for a dozen haymakers. I bet you Verlander completes that no-no with some bar fight mentality adrenaline.