17 August 2011

6 to Midnight: Danica Who?

From Yahoo! Sports:

Canadian driver Maryeve Dufault will make her NASCAR debut on Saturday in the Nationwide Series Napa Auto Parts 200 at the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve.
Dufault, who started racing in the ARCA Series this year, was a model on the Price is Right and according to IMDB, was a player for the New York Euphoria in the 2005 Lingerie Bowl.
Dufualt has said that she used the money she earned from modeling to pay for tires and equipment so that she could go race.
Dufault, 29, has made 12 starts in ARCA in 2011 with one top 10, a 10th place finish at Chicagoland Speedway. She'll be driving the No. 81 for MacDonald Motorsports and is one of four Canadian drivers entered in Saturday's race in the series that is most commonly referred to as the AAA to the Sprint Cup's Major League.
She will also become the first Canadian woman in NASCAR when the green flag drops on Saturday. Jacques Villenueve (the son of Gilles Villeneuve), Alex Tagliani andPatrick Carpentier are the other three Canadians entered in the event. It will be Carpentier's final race before he retires.
Plus, it will be Dufault's chance to race against Danica Patrick for the first time.

Is this real life? Not only is another chick breaking on to the NASCAR scene, but she's a smokeshow for sure. Now, I thought Danica had it goin on, but after seein this broad its like Danica Who? (Hence the title). Bottom line is if this is what NASCAR has to do to get more people to give greater than or equal to one cumulative fuck about the sport, then by all means keep it comin! Hell if you get a Danica-Maryeve scuffle in pit row after the race, its over! I'd be down for the count from all the excitement. I propose a KY Wrestling match to determine who drives the GoDaddy.com car every week. Shit, there's your Superbowl spot right there! Mighta just paid my student loans off in one blog...


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