24 August 2011

Effin Inge!

Do I really have to go over what just happened in tonight's game? Fuck! Okay, well if you haven't heard; Brandon Inge blew it. Just like Marino did. Final out in extra innings and Inge gets a routine grounder and throws it to....Second?!? Santiago had no idea this bitch was coming and he couldn't get to the bag on time. 99 times out of 100 that's a routine play at first. Ask any little league coach. Jahonny Peralta couldn't believe his beady little eyes. If there's two things I've taken away from life and can pass on to my grown up sperm it's Laces Out, and Make the easy play at first! This Brandon Inge show has to stop. I mean why does Leyland insist on putting this dude in for defensive purposes when he does shit like that then says he wasn't wrong after the fact. News flash hombre, it was wrong cuz you lost the game! It's time to let Betemit be the everyday third baseman, and package Inge and Rayburn in a trade for a bag of bats. Dude's lucky this wasn't the playoffs otherwise Santiago woulda gone Ray Finkle on his ass!


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