15 August 2011

I See You Delmon (live blog from Comerica Park)

Can it be?


Newly acquired Delmon Young just went yard against his former team in his first at bat as a Tiger.

Now granted he probably took BP off this dude this morning before he had to move from one clubhouse to the other. But I see you big fella...

7:59 PM - MdotNetz: "This grown man is dressed as the after effects of a bestiality session between Magglio and Winnie the Pooh. Except this guy has way less teeth."

8:06 PM - This fella also brings his own glove to a game. You're a grown ass man bro...

8:07 PM - Biggy Bagel wins the Dunkin Donut race

8:39 PM
I see you Avila...

8:46 PM
I SEE YOU AVILA!!! Avila hits a triple and is a homer shy of the cycle....

8:49 PM - Chick vomits in her lap. Great start to the week, sweetheart.

8:58 PM - The wave picks up steam. Did it really take an hour and 58 minutes for the women and children to get bored?

9:07 PM - Not standing up for Jim Thome's 600th home run. Did Tiger fans forget that this guy consistently kills us every year, let alone hit the go-ahead shot?

9:12 PM - MdotNetz: I realize the guy dressed up as Tigger from earlier may have down syndrome. It's a 95% chance. I shake my head in disgust with myself.

9:14 PM - Rayburn goes yardsale. 25 cent coney dogs at the A&W in Clawson tomorrow. Followed immediately by a trip to Black Lotus Brewery. I know how my Tuesday is gonna play out.

9:42 PM -MdotNetz: Rally Cap time! The 16 year old in front of me follows suit. I'm so trendy.

10:15 PM - MdotNetz: 0-8 for the games that we've attended in 2011. 8-0 on not catching a stray bullet. #breakingeven.

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