01 August 2011

Fister/Furbush...nuff said

I'm not overly excited by this trade as much as I am by how fun this is to say. Fist her fur bush has got to be one of the funniest sounding trades I've ever heard. All over the radio today it was reffered to as the "Fister/Furbush Deal." I LQTM every time I heard it! I mean, as a true Tigs fan I'm excited we got a starter and didn't pay an outlandish price for him. Guy's stuff isn't bad but that's about as deep as I'll get (pun intended). This did, however, get me to thinking of some other trades in sports that have had some pretty awesome names:

1. Fister/Furbush- Just can't help but smile at this one
2. Jackson, Coke for Granderson - It's like Granderson's an alcoholic... Jacks n' coke for all!

And, well thats about as far as my recent memory will go, but I'm sure there's more I just cant bring into my brain at the moment. Got any good ones? Fuckin share em!

But hey on a higher note from the weekend (since you won't get a plethora of blogs today due to the string of events leading up to Monday: a Wildcats hockey brawl, 2 nights in a the Sterlingfest beer tent, 10,000 CC's pumped through an IV into yours truly, and running the Warrior Dash moderately hungover) you guys see my boy Guillen clown Weaver?

..Not at the table Carlos....