18 August 2011

Hoyas Start WWIII

From Yahoo Sports:

Georgetown had to leave the court during the fourth quarter of its exhibition game against the Baiyi Rockets on Thursday night in Beijing after both benches emptied and a wild brawl erupted between the two teams. None of the Hoyas were seriously injured despite trading punches with the opposing players and having to dodge chairs thrown onto the court and water bottles hurled from the stands.
The best account of what led to the melee comes from the Washington Post's Gene Wang, apparently the lone U.S. reporter in attendance.
Wang wrote that the game was tense from the outset and had to be stopped earlier after two players exchanged words. At one point, a Rockets player even berated John Thompson III as the Georgetown coach yelled instructions to his players.
The hard fouls and constant bickering eventually devolved into bedlam when Bayi big man Hu Ke was called for a foul against Georgetown guard Jason Clark. The senior made it clear he did not appreciate the hard foul, sparking the initial exchange of shoves that led players from both benches to run onto the court in defense of their teammates.

This is how it allll starts. All it takes is that first incident to start an international conflict between the worlds two biggest superpowers. China already owns all our money, and they might take this shit personal. Especially with VP Biden being in town, shit could look premeditated. Shit looked pretty intense, like Hoyas got handled for the most part...

And what an image; this trainer just stomping out a black dude twice his size! Just goes to show ya; in a world of haymakers, your best first move is the unexpected ones...


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