07 August 2011

OSU Freshman Proudly Sporting 'JT' Wristbands

Just days after fall practice began for the very new Ohio State football team, possible allegations against the program are already surfacing. Freshman players have been wearing wristbands in honor of the recently canned Buckeye coach Jim Tressel.

First of all-why in the hell is anyone, especially members of the football team, wearing wristbands to support the coach that helped to cause the revoking of all the team's victories, including in the Sugar Bowl over Arkansas, during the 2010 season. Not to mention, the one that brought the anything-but-promising future look to the Buckeye football team.

These black bands, stamped with Jim Tressel's initials in red, costed 15 dollars a piece. 15 dollars for a wristband? I haven't heard of a ripoff like that since the last time I went to the gas station.

And the best part? The person selling the football players these wristbands is an employee of The Ohio State University. Yes, he works for the school.

The players were reimbursed their money after the school found out that the NCAA compliance began looking into the story. OSU goes before the NCAA committee on August 12 for obvious previous infractions. This story might give the NCAA the idea that they still fully support the coach that they forced out in late May.

Interim head coach Luke Fickell claims he was not aware it was an OSU employee that sold his new players the hot new merchandise. What a good start for Luke, already lying to the media before his first season even begins.

This just in, Michigan Fans...Rich Rod wristbands are for sale in Ann Arbor!