03 August 2011

Remember the NBA? Me neither.

The NBA lockout is like the bad sequel to a movie I hated in the first place. It joins the likes of "Legally Blonde 2 : Red, White, and Blonde" and "Bring it On Again". Haven't we had enough of this litigation and stays and salary negotiation nonsense? If it were up to me you can lock this shit out forever. NBA is hardly even basketball. 85% of the games on a daily basis during the season are blowouts or a glorified pick up game. Don't give me that bias jazz because whether its last year when the Pistons were irrelevant, or 2003 - 2007, the games are the same, now we just end up on the wrong end. Give me NCAA hoops over pros any day. At least those kids have some heart. He'll, I'd ever take that Slamball shit where a line backer would yack on a d-tackle trying to decapitate the poor bastard, all the while throwing in trampolines to make the above-the-rim play all the more life-threatening.
Actually just televise Rucker Park 3 days a week and let the ratings flood in. Check this video of Kevin Durant going gong show on the best Harlem has to offer.

Dude went for 66 points. Granted it's against Jerry the crack head and Javier who just got outta the clink, fresh self made tattoos and all. The announcer has a microphone and a championship belt. I'm sure there's guys with pit bulls on leashes and wads of dollar bills in their hands, just waiting to collect on Durant dropping over/under 53. Now that, my friends is basketball.