22 August 2011

"Ohhhhh Jackson!!"-Weekend Recap

Between witnessing a Tigs' victory at CoPa for the first time this year, watching Scotty fail the first "Prove it" challenge, day drinking and moving it like Bernie; I'd say this weekend was just what the doctor ordered for Papa WildSteve.

 And how bout them Tigers right? The biggest series of the season thus far and the Tigers sweep in dramatic fashion. Oh, and not to mention the much-anticipated return of everyone's favorite buck-seventy-five hitter: Brandon Inge.

Now, I get it. Inge has been a Tiger since we tied the record for being the worst team in baseball history, and I admire his loyalty to the franchise. But the dude's got a cult following of bros that come straight out of the woodwork when he hits his 2nd homer of the year. Like people I thought I de-friended on the book years ago post their first status this fiscal quarter suggesting that Inge haters filashe them...but I can assure these clowns that even a blind squirrel finds a nut. I digress.

The big story of the weekend is not the HJ Richie Rich got in a parking lot, but the STUPID play Austin Jackson made to save the game, and the sweep of the Tribe on Sunday. More specifically, the AWESOME call on it by our very own, one Rod Allen:

"OHHHH JACKSON!!" would be worth about 20 drinks if we were playing the Rod Allen drinking game! Speaking of which; I propose a September 10th Rod Allen Drinking Game Party/Live Blog at The Future. All I wanna know is...who's comin with me??


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