06 August 2011

Land of the Free, Home of the Hustlers

America the Great is known for the freedom to behave, think , and act however we wish to do so. We get away with things we shouldn't and some fail to get punished for major crimes they commit. And, in recent news, some may even gain success through past debacles. Does Casey Anthony ring a bell to anyone?

After the death and disappearance of her 2-year old daughter, Caylee, Miss Casey Anthony was deemed not guilty of murder; however, she was found guilty for providing false information to investigators. Think what you want to think about whether or not she was responsible for the death of her daughter, but I will not get into that at this point.

Now, only a few weeks after Anthony was "cleared" from one of the more heated trials in American history, she has been offered an amount of money larger than most of us will ever see...to pose nude? Larry Flynt of Hustler Magazine says that he offered Anthony $500,000 to pose nude for his magazine plus 10% of all profits. Talk about a turn of events for this 25-year old party girl from the sunshine state...only in America can you go from nearly being sentenced for life to being offered a 1/2 million dollars...to pose nude. In my humble opinion, something seems off with this situation...and with our justice system...and with America. Even judges involved with the situation admit this is a messed up situation. Judge Perry, a judge involved with Anthony's probation, stated that the situation is a "legal maze" and "If anything could go wrong, it went wrong here".

But again, this is the land of the free and home of the whores. Casey Anthony gets acquitted from murder of her own daughter and now rewarded with a nice sum of cash and percentage of profit that will leave her wealthy for the remainder of her life...shouldn't she be in jail right now?


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