09 August 2011

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

"If you're wondering where the WNBA playoffs are, they will be immediately following the Little League World Series." Boom! First day of the LLWS and they are already taking precedent and showing those dykes who's boss.

With all the anticipation of the NFL and College football seasons starting, and the MLB playoffs looming, there is no better appetizer to our main dish. The Little League World Series is back in action. These little guys go out there night after night in the dog days of summer and play their asses off. There's nothing like it. They laugh, they scream and most importantly, they cry. It's so genuine that I think watching them cry is my favorite part. Not in some sadistic way.

When these kids cry you know it's legit. It's not how South Park depicts it, with kids intentionally throwing games so they don't have to play anymore and dads drunkenly wresting around in the outfield. Although, the latter would probably make the Series that much more enjoyable.

And we can't forget Detroit's own real life Randy Marsh from back in 2009 at the Tigers vs. Royals game.

These kids are sincere in their ball-playing. It's all they have. They are barely interested in girls at this point so there's no distractions and they put all their emotion into every at bat.
So now is your chance, Coalition faithful. Pick your winner of the LLWS in the comment section. First one to choose the winner of the whole shebang gets an official DTownBroCo t-shirt of your choosing fo' free. I'm calling the team from Alabama, and I'll take a size large because these boys are goin' to the dance.


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