23 August 2011

Top 10 Fantasy RB's 2011: Run DMC Run

Darren McFadden ranked #11 in yahoo!?  Nigga PUH-lease.  Only a king could keep my albino rhino buried in Arkansas' depth chart.

Here's how I see the backs shaping out:

1. Arian Foster - Just the man with the 30 carries...every...single....game

2. Adrian Peterson - cant stop wont stop.  safe first pick.  least riskiest pick outside of Aaron Rodgers.

3. Jamaal Charles - A freak who averages the most yards per carry in the league. Thomas Jones?  I bareley even know who that is anymore.

4. Chris Johnson - Contract, No Contract, who cares.  Hes a 2000 yard single season rusher not to mention he is the fastest player in the NFL.  Get him and dont look back.

5. Mike Turner - Energizer bunny.  Keeps going and going and going.

6. Darren McFadden - See above

7. Ray Rice - Now sharing carries with Ricky = risky

8. LeSaun McCoy - Feature back on this Vick led offense?  Yes please.

9. Peyton Hillis - What more can be said.  Hes a god.

10. Frank Gore -You time is now Frank.  Seize it .

Say something.  Comment something.  I know I'm write and if you dont think so then you are wrong.


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