09 August 2011

MSU's Jerel Worthy takes Trash Talking to a New Level

Michigan State Spartans vs. Michigan Wolverines: one of the more hated in-state rivals you will find in college football. Recently, Michigan State junior defensive end, Jerel Worthy, added passion to this already steaming rivalry. Known for his outgoing, passionate, and trash-talking personality, Worthy decided to add a new look to his left arm: a large tattoo of a Spartan warrior stepping on a Wolverine. Designed by Worthy and fellow Spartan teammates Bennie Fowler and Denzel Drone, the tattoo is supposed to be signify the rivalry and an overall dislike of the team from Ann Arbor.

Worthy stated in reference to his new design, "I love Michigan State to death. This is my home, this is where I lay my head every night. I love the fans, the camaraderie, everybody that represents this school and I'll be a Spartan until I die".

Worthy has been in the sports news earlier during the summer with some back and forth trash talking with opponents via twitter. However, this trumped that in regard to fans and media. Coach Dantonio was asked of Worthy's tattoo during Big Ten Media Days. "I can say we drill into people the games that are important around here, so obviously he's put it on his arm for life, so it's personal".


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