06 August 2011

Pistons Hire Coach.. or Whatever

Being one of the few, and if not only, member of The Coalition who gives greater than or equal to 1 fuck about the NBA at any given time, I feel obligated to cover this. The Pistons introduced their newest coach (for the next season at least) this past week. None other than the man-boy Lawrence Frank. If I had to guess this dude's age, I'd say he's anywhere from 14-40. Now, I am still a true Pistons fan, even in the midst of all that was the disaster of last season , and the lockout that followed. I have to say I don't know what the shit Joe D was thinking hiring this guy. He took the New Jersey Nets from being a conference contender to the worst team in the league. Of all the candidates that were interviewed, Frank was the ONE guy I really hoped they didn't hire. But then again, I've never participated in organized basketball and I couldn't run a play to save my 5'7 uncoordinated ass. So what do I know?
All that really matters is that this guy gets control of this team. Hopefully the front office can make his job a little easier by trading Rip and letting Tayshaun go. My next order of business? Find out who Lawrence Frank resembles more; the Mad Magazine kid or the little ginger that dances to "apple bottom jeans"?