23 August 2011

Crap Circles

Anybody seen the movie "Signs?" The one by the crazy bastard. You know, Mel Gibson. Yes, when he wasn't verbally destroying his wife and family members, he was making movies. To make a long story short, his two dumbass kids make hats out of aluminum foil to "protect" their thoughts, aliens show up to take over the world, and a retired minor league baseball player stops it from happening by hitting an alien with a bat. Anyways, throughout the film there are mysterious crop circles that appear in a farmer's field.

Well, I've got something that trumps this modern day classic horror film, but it's produced by someone with much higher morals and sense of respect than Mel Gibson-my dog. Bowser, by name, is a complete ladies man. If a woman walks in the door, he's all over them like my pedophile roommate that works at Abercrombie Kids is on a middle school girl. But, like any member of my family, Bowser has his issues with bowel movements; sometimes he can't hold them.

Just recently, he created the most amazing bowel movement I've ever seen. I call it-"Crap Circles."


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