25 February 2011

Is This Kid the Next Lebron?

Is this "phenom" the next basketball superstar whose ego we will feed until he's equidistant from reality as the Earth is to the Sun? Is this a 2016 top draft pick that Joe Dumars surpasses for a European human victory cigar? The answer to the first question is no; and to the latter is, well, possibly. Sorry scouts but I just don't see anything outstanding from this kid. Congratulations son, you're 6'8" and you can block shots on an 8th grader shorter than I am. On the upside, this kid is only in 8th grade and hes super tall already. On the downside; I've seen him topple over a few times, pull an offensive goal tend and hes got a weird lookin mouth. Where's the cutoff point of calling kids "phenoms?" Rivals.com ran a story last week: "Newborn Phenom already 37 inches long. Recruited by Duke, UNC." It's getting a little absurd if you ask me. Make these kids play some serious ball before you dub them "phenoms" or "the next Lebron." Tryin' to get a muthafuckin scholarship!? No free lunches lad. Blue chips only at Wild Steve U.


Anonymous said...

What kind of website is this???? You guys try to be funny but you should keep your boring ass job that you are never going to get out of. I bet you live at home with your mom and dad, don't you?? Keep your day job loser.

Anonymous said...

This blog stinks worse than the bathroom on a slave ship. All you guys are a disgrace to D-town. Where do you get off commenting on anything in the sports world? You said you are short, and short people have short dicks and they suck at sports....by default you probably haven't been laid much. Even if you managed to buy your way into a girls panties I'm sure she felt like she was fucking the midget from pit boss. Leave the sports writing and commenting to the pros, not some smelly fag with a tiny dick and a computer, sitting in the same room he has slept in since birth.

Anonymous said...

Yeah I mean I have to agree with the above two comments..... that second comment is funny tho you should get him to write for you guys.

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