15 February 2011

Tooth Fairy Proves Himself to be Real; Millions (and Millions) Shit Their Pants

Whenever I recieve a text from a friend that says "turn on Raw NOW!" I don't hesitate. If you don't understand my passion for sports entertainment and my dream of being a tag team champion then this post isn't for you.

At about 11:05 last night The Most Electrifying Man in ALLLL of Entertainment made his much anticipated return on Raw in Anaheim, CA. I'd be willing to bet some fan in that arena left with a very dirty pair of drawers last night. I, myself, was close to shedding a tear of joy. The Rock will host Wrestlemania this year and I'll be damned if we're not throwing a Westlemania party for that reason alone.

Were the Disney movies getting old? Faster wasn't as bad ass as his agent had thought? Did Vin Diesel and Paul Walker cast too big a shadow in Fast Five for Dwayne Johnson to overcome? Whatever the reason may be, only one thing matters: he's back! The jabronie beatin, pie eatin, take your foot off the brake and step on the gas, comin back to whoop everyone's candy Ass; The ROCK, the people's champ has returned!

As Rod Allen might say; I smell what you're cookin big fella...


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