23 February 2011

Gym Tan Yayo

In light of my sudden hangover I felt this morning from the Wings game, my blogging was not at 100% today. I wasn't interested in looking at anything that contained more than 15-20 words. Therefore no news stories about Allen Park Fire Department cuts, NBA Trades, and pirate hostages were read beyond the headlines. It may be considered what we in the biz call "under-performing;" but I'm an Exec at the Coalition so fuck off.

I did, however, come across this gem of a clip from last week's Jersey Shore.

Not only did The Situation try to pull a robbery on Pauly D's Ex-box last week, but he has the bawlls to blow a rail right in front of the camera. Sitch and this broad are pretty interested in the charm on her necklace and at the 57 second mark they both have a sudden irritation on their noses that require immediate attention. You're a celebrity now bro, you gotta learn the ropes. Blow the lines in the bathroom where theres no cameras like Lindsay Lohan does.

Editors Note:
Lil sis took it upon herself to hate on this blog post. Has one night of drinking during the week skewed my performance that much? I'm no Ron Artest here. Let's take it to the followers on this:

Answer via comment if you think that either:
A: Lil sis is an idiot wasting company time
B: Wild Steve had too many pops last night and underperformed
C: I should retire from blogging effective immediately
D: Popsicles are delicious