24 February 2011

Marilyn Gaga

Classic Manson move with the mic cord noose.
Marilyn Manson and Lady Gaga are the same person, right? I am breaking one of my rules here when I say I strive to avoid all things Gaga related because I think she is the biggest attention whore in pop culture history, not to mention a talentless tranny. However, I stumbled upon a picture of her new album cover and it looks like if Marilyn Manson was a man. I mean he's a man in a sense that he has a Y chromosome, but after seeing the picture above, I'm convinced he has tits and a nub for a genitalia. Y chromosome revoked. 

That Gaga cover above depicts the most dude looking chick I've ever seen in my life. It's not one of those things where a bro had mass amounts of devil's water at the bar and the "girl" he was hitting on happened to have a dong. It's like, "why is this dude in a dress hitting on me? Am I accidentally at a gay bar?"(Side note: My friends accidentally went to a gay bar in Chicago because a lady friend gave us a tip that it's a good bar. When we met them up, Wild Steve got threatened with a Baretta because we tried to tell our boy that the black guy with a lisp buying him drinks wasn't just being "really cool").

"Show me your wiener, you tranny!"

You're not fooling me Marilyn Manson/Lady Gaga, but I don't blame you for trying. You see the market for Scream-o/Metal fell off in 1999 and you gotta get that chedd somehow. The whole removing-a-rib-to-blow-yourself publicity didn't really pan out, so he removed his Adam's apple, started hitting his high notes, and hired a better publicist.

America loves a comeback right, Britney?