26 February 2011

Friday Night Lull

Here I am, Saturday morning, not buried under a hangover. This is not something I am used to. Friday nights usually include alcohol, and less frequently, mooning, wherever the night may take me. Not last night.

Five of my friends were over last night and none of us could figure out what to do. One of those friends had just gotten out of rehab for alcohol so drinking was out of the question. The pondering began around 8:00pm. Can't go to a bar, can't play drinking games, can't even just drink around the house. So what do we do?

We could have went to the arcade, bowling alley or even the fucking mall. We could have started some sort of video game tournament. We could have watched the Pistons play with only 6 dudes. Anything would have sufficed, we all worked for this day of the week! Instead, we sat in silence, as if somehow our friend would suddenly become cured of his alcoholism and it would be okay to party again because of it.

The silence overtook us for hours. I ended up going to sleep at midnight. Midnight!! And here I am, posting to DTownBroCo, with but one question to you. What the fuck do you do on a Friday night when you can't drink??


C-Bus said...

6 dudes ... one cookie ... a lifetime of shame.

Handshakes said...

I really wanted to help you with your plight, so I've been doing some research into the matter. Here is what I've come up with so far, and I hope it helps.

From Worththewait.org's list of 101 fun things to do (besides having sex):

Have a picnic in your yard/local park.
Start a collection.
Play capture the flag.
Make a scrapbook (word of warning: I tried this one and it quickly devolved into passionate sex-having. I've complained to WorthTheWait.org, but have yet to hear a response).

You can thank me later.

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