14 February 2011

"Bruins: Two-time losers" - Yahoo Sports

I realize that title from Yahoo Sports is a play on words, but hearing that anything Massachusetts related is a two-time loser is poetic. Mass-holes are obnoxious any way you slice it. You ruined Kevin Garnett for me and I will never forgive you for that. On a much lighter note, how about those Red Wings? After Mike Babcock did his Herb Brooks impression with conditioning sessions between games, the men wearing the Winged-Wheel have responded. Ladies and Gentlemen, Todd Bertuzzi, if you need him. When you surround a power forward like Bert with talents like Hank and the Mule, only good things can happen. This has to be my favorite line in NHL history. I mean production aside, they are leading the league in Z's. The Bertuzzi/Franzen/Zetterberg line has an astounding 4 Z's. That must be an NHL record. After a recent slump, I can tell the Wings are back on track, getting healthy, and getting ready to make another long run at Lord Stanley's Cup. I hope my employer doesn't have a petty no playoff beard policy because I can feel that this baby is going to be 3 months in the making.


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