23 February 2011

Sharks vs. Wings

So I tried to blog live from the Joe and the Droid wasn't having it. I'll try to recap best I can.

6:55 - The Eat 'Em Up Tigers guy expanded his horizons buy catering to his target audience. The "Eat 'Em Up Red Wings" chant was in full force. I am semi-convinced he's a real bum.

7:03 - I take pictures of the cityscape, eager to blog. I look like a tourist. Slightly embarrassed and significantly buzzed, I stand in line to get in. My cheeks match my Red Wings sweater. The wind off the river is roaring.

7:12 - We realized the 7pm game time was a farce and the puck doesn't drop until 7:30. 2 tall Molson's please.

Somewhere in between, a hockey game happened. We ended up on the wrong end. Mere details compared to the people watching, those who called the Joe Louis their "escape" on a Tuesday night. From the man with a mullet rocking a Hasek jersey, to the 4th grade teacher sitting next to me, I have never been more proud to be a Detroit-er. These people have character goddammit. The teacher sitting next to me had  elaborate stories about the city that made it feel like less of a hockey game and more of an experience. I vaguely listen, smile, and nod, while I watch the action on the ice.

9:37 - We soak in the city. What do you have to offer on a Tuesday night Detroit, we challenge?

10:13 - Coco Joe's is on fire. Almost literally. Bartenders are lighting beer bottles on fire and spitting flammable alcohol into the flame. I can feel the heat on my face. Place is out cold.

10:37 - With the Spartans game on every TV this bar is ALIVE, even though we are down 9 and there is little faith in a struggling team.

10:46 - Spartans somehow pull off the notable victory we have been waiting for. This team looks ready to dance. Prove it!

10:47 - Girls are dancing on the bar. "Shake That Ass, Bitch" on blast. (video coming soon)

All in all, great night. It exceeded my expectations for a weeknight in the D. Place was unreal. I could only imagine if the Wings won. People know the Wings are getting ready for a Stanley Cup finals appearance, and one slight speed bump would not deter a good time.

This is our escape from the grind. This is our livelihood. Can't wait for it to get warm because for some reason this city is energized. I can feel it. This is the most hype I've seen Detroit in years. Go downtown if you don't believe me. A fantastic time is inevitable.


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