21 February 2011

The Hype is REAL...

This guy's pretty spot on here. This is almost verbatim what happens when you get Four Loko'd out of your skull. Drunk facebooking, hollerin at bitches, getting escorted from establishments, borderline gay shit and possible homicide. Just guys trying to have a good time. Everything you've heard about Four Loko is real, and Dom Mazzetti is living proof. Personally, I'm terrified of the shit. It tastes like paint thinner and God knows how capable I am of taking shit to the next level. No additional enablers are needed for that. Tequila and Four Loko are off limits for Wild Steve. Ask anyone who was in Windsor, Canada circa August, 2005; shit just doesn't do me right. I digress. Maybe it is a blessing in disguise that this shit was taken off the shelves. The more stories like these that spread, the more inclined our underage drinkers are to pursue a Four Loko kind of night.


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