21 February 2011

I Had to Use My AK. Today Was a Normal Day.

Detroit, MI - A pizza delivery man in Detroit shot and killed a man trying to rob him Sunday night, according to police. Police said the man was approached by men on the 20000 block of McCormick at about 10 p.m. According to police, one of the men produced a handgun, so the delivery man — licensed to carry a concealed weapon — pulled out his gun and fatally shot the man. Two other men have been arrested, possibly in connection with this case, police said.The investigation, police said, is ongoing.

This city is like an Ice Cube/Dead Prez/Immortal Technique song all day err day. Oh, the investigation is ongoing? What is there to investigate? Guys attempts to rob pizza man with a gun. Pizza man shoots him. Case closed. That shit was settled on the streets. Wild Wild West style. This delivery guy is not playing around. He needs to be to the front door in 30 mins or less or guess what? People get a free pizza, or more importantly to him, less scrill for his weed fund. You know that shit is comin' out of his pocket. With 8 inches of snow, my man was already at a disadvantage, and now you're trying to rob him? I wonder if he even got out of the car. Did he even take his foot off the gas? Now that's what I call freaky fast delivery, Jimmy Johns! Just another snowy Sunday in Amityville. 


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