12 February 2011


Man's game. Now that is some fucking hatred. If you watch hard enough the word 'loathe' appears at center ice written in blood. Well thats not entirely true. Seriously though there is very few things in life that I enjoy more than hating the fucking Pittsburgh Penguins. I could tell seconds into this video that this was a Penguins telecast just by listening to how much the announcers cried about "sucker punches" and putting Islanders players "back in their cage." Ya you're real tough all the way up in the press box drinking your hot chocolate, bro. I mean look at these assholes:

I'm pretty sure having Michael Grabner, wrist deep in your throat would wipe that shit-eating grin off your face, you smug fuck. And Crosby and Malkin didn't even play. This would've been Cryfest '11 had Cindy been on the ice and was so much as grazed by a glove.


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