18 February 2011

These W.O.A.T's are killing me!

Carrie Underwood and a friend "watching" a Senators game

Watching this Red Wings road trip to Florida is really bringing up one of my pet peeves, seeing a W.O.A.T. Yes, waste of a ticket, and it's all over in a southern Florida ice arena. Now don't get me wrong legitimately 70% of the lower bowl is full of Wings jerseys, and believe you/me those seats are being put to good use. Now, when the Panthers scored they panned to a 15 year old kid with his head phones on, knuckle deep in his nose, with zero expression on his face. I bet pops wish he woulda brought one of his boys from work. On his first night out of the house in 11 years, he'd be 6 tall boys deep, just waiting to "Miggy Cabrera" the Florida freeway home. But, NO! Had to waste a ticket on junior.

Take a look at the image. What the fuck does Carrie Underwood's friend want to do with the Ottawa Senators? Nothing, thats what, and that glass of pinot in her hand fully explains that. Don't go too overboard there, sweetheart. You might actually enjoy yourself.

Men, don't waste a ticket. If your girl doesn't like sports, she won't hold it against you. If she does she's a bitch. If you want to bring your kid to a game and they don't give a shit about what's happening, bring them to a Piston's game. Practice safe ticketing and always bring a bro.  


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