22 February 2011

Mine as well...

I'm a big fan of proper grammar. Honestly, I've deleted friends off facebook for misusing and misspelling shit. For instance: If your facebook status is something like "Going to work than class than gym than finally getting some sleep.."; you're getting deleted. Plain and simple. The only exception is if you're a dime and your profile is perfect for creeping. I digress.
Today I got hit with one that's been bugging me for a long time. "Mine as well..." Excuse me? Mine as well? As in, "You mine as well send it to him and see what he thinks." Direct quote from an email my boss sent me today. Am I wrong, or is it supposed to be "might as well?" I feel like it's becoming all too common for people to replace Might with Mine. Just look at it. It makes zero sense. Replace "mine" with another personal pronoun and see how much sense it makes. "I yours as well just go to the store and get a new one." See, you look like a tard saying something like that. This has become one of my biggest pet peeves recently, and I wish everyone realizes what they are saying. So listen to me and listen to me good, illiterates. MIGHT as well is the phrase, not MINE as well. Accept it. Embrace it. Use it.
You're Welcome


MdotNetz said...

Number of Facebook friends I have deleted for this very same reason: 7

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