10 February 2011

We're Doing It

Welcome to D-Town Bro Co. Prestents: The Blog. This blog is all about the 3 S's. Wait a second. It's not what you're thinking. What do men do all day? I don't shit all day long. Shower? Maybe 4 times a week. Shave? Please. Maybe twice a month. If it's during a Red Wings playoff run you can forget about it. Men are all about Sports, Sex, and getting Swoll'. All day, errr day. If there was a portion of your day where you're not thinking about these things there is something clinically wrong with you. Most of our content will be sports and broad related. Also, the occasional work-out and recipes that won't make you look like John Candy. As bros we all have our designated meat head friends, and we're writing for you's guys too. So come check out the site, take a minute out of your cubicle monkey day and have a laugh.    

Feel free to add to the antics or make fun of us in the comments section.


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