25 February 2011

Pistons Take a Shit on Keuster

This team is officially dead in the water. Joe Dumars turned down a trade for Tayshaun yesterday; basically saying "nah, we're all set here at the bottom of the Eastern Conference." Now half the team doesn't show up to practice? Two words Joe: Government Bailout. Its time to rebuild from the ground up and you can start by firing Keuster and bringing in a legit coach. Hell, pull a Pat Riley and coach the team yourself in the mean time. Just 86 this mother faulkner. As sure as I'm taking a shit while I blog 75% of my posts, this team is going nowhere this season. This has to be the last straw. If I'm Kuester, I'd be on my way to Joe's office, pop my head in and say "I should just go fuck off right?"

Editors Note:

This blog was posted in a hurry as I am running out the door to get a haircut. This takes precedence over the blog for the moment because this is my first haircut since my last DISASTER from Lady Jane's. I need to gather pictures for reference of how potentially good my do can look. So please bear with me as I will later posts stories and/or pictures related to this topic.

Peathe out