27 February 2011

Before and After: MGM Grand Slam

Everything went right from the get-go last night. $80 round trip booze cruise cab ride from the 'burbs to the Dizzle? Done. I felt like Vinny Chase last night. We had our very own "E". We walked in that casino and put 40 bucks on black a few times and tripled our money, which paid for our cover and drinks for the night. Scotty the Profit was on fire. "Hot hand in a game of dice, baby girl," he bragged. We called Club V's bluff on the $50 cover/VIP/bottle service sham by just throwing down a 10 spot and reaping the benefits regardless. The DJ was spinning Lonely Island - "I Just Had Sex". Sexy Go-Go dancers were killing it. 

Never in the history of going out, has an extraordinary night fallen into place with such little effort. Shit was insane. If you've never been down to MGM, you must go. We literally felt like we were in Vegas. I was vacation drunk. We had zero regard for any human life but our own. 

However, all good things must come to an end. $40 worth of McDonald's breakfast later, the respective members of the Coalition have came and gone. I now blog from the hangover-induced fetal position. Somebody get me a Bloody Mary and a beej stat. 


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