23 February 2011

Do The Creep!

Finally it's popular to be a creeper! Bros around the world rejoice! Just in time for summer and sun dresses, right creeps? This is going to get out of hand, I can just feel it. You give a creeper an inch, they'll take your virginity. I love how Nicki Minaj is reppin' the lady creep because there is a such thing. Girl creeps are the worst. 100% unavoidable, usually smelly, and mostly mousy. 

Side note: How is this happening the same week that Planned Parenthood loses their government funding? Coincidence? 

Seriously though, the Lonely Island guys can do no wrong. The Incredibad CD was straight fire. Every time you're on a boat you update your Facebook letting your friends know you have your flippy floppies and your nautical themed pashmina afghan. Dudes were legit putting their dicks in boxes and giving them as gifts. These guys can even make inadvertently soiling your pantaloons popular.  "Booty Call" made milk shoot out of my nose and I wasn't even drinking any. Can't wait for their second album, "The Dudes" to drop this spring.       


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