07 March 2011

Apparently there's crying in Basketball

I'm sure you've all heard by now the allegations that the Miami Heat locker room was full of cry babies when they lost to the Bulls (again) on Sunday and blew a lead (again) and failed to tie/win the game late(again). I absolutely love this! My mental image of the "Big 3" balling their eyes out upon realizing that they are a mediocre team is hilarious. Although it seems almost cliche to hate on the Heat, I thoroughly enjoy doing so. Like the wise Katt Williams once said: "that's a haters job is to fuckin hate!" Now let me make myself clear; I don't typically hate on people, but in this case I embrace the role. Miami made a debacle of this whole free agency thing and its biting them in the ass, appropriately. So if you're like me and you hope the heat never amount to anything then feel free to join me as we watch the show unfold. Plenty of haterade to go around here at the Coalition


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