20 March 2011

Say cheese and Die (58 days later dream update)

So my mom's gypsy dream didn't come true. I made it through St. Patty's day/weekend without any serious injuries, nobody I know got killed in south-central LA. It was a good day. We did, however, have legitimate reason for concern about me well-being. During one of our many photo shoots throughout the night, we were taking panoramic shots of the group. Most of them being worth a thousand words like the one posted above.

Then this one turned out:

Are you kidding me? The camera just so happened to render me, and only me out of this picture!
It was like something straight out of Back to the Future, except no Chuck Berry cover could get me out of this one. So we all banded together with a priority of keeping me alive; and 16 green beers, 4 cigarettes and 2 public urinations later, I was home safe. Joe Cocker said it best: I got by with a little help from my friends.


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