08 March 2011

Triple H to star in "The Chaperone"

Is this real life? Is it going to be like this forever? What the fuck makes professional wrestlers think they can make a "family movie"? This has to be the worst movie in history right? RottenTomatoes.com gave it a 25% approval rating, which is reminiscent of President Bush on a good day. Somehow I've seen worse ratings on that site which now makes me reconsider how credible RottenTomatoes is. This makes me almost regret being a Degeneration X fan back in the day. Motherfucking Triple H! He's making me second guess staples on my everyday life! This is a sad day, a sad day indeed. How fast can a person ruin their life? Well this movie is 113 minutes. I'm going to say he severely tarnishes whatever legacy he had left in the first 8 minutes. So I guess the answer is 8 minutes. Great job, Hunter Hearst Helmsley.

Far removed from the glory days: