02 March 2011

Jerk Soccer Player Kicks Owl

Yesterday, something crazy happened in Panama. It was during a soccer match between Junior Barranquilla & Pereira. Apparently Barranquilla's mascot is an owl, and that owl somehow got onto the field. During play, the ball ended up hitting the owl, making everyone realize there was a sweet ass looking bird on the turf. Play was halted so everyone could get their wits together to figure out their next move. A young man named Luis Moreno thought he already knew what to do. He ran up to it, kicking it 3 meters into the air "to see if the owl could fly".

The owl died from shock, probably the shock of how stupid one person could be. It almost looks fake how the owl looks up at the dude and asks, "This is how it ends, isn't it?" right before he gets booted. I mean, don't get me wrong, I eat steak and love going to the zoo, but Jesus. The dude kicked an OWL that was just CHILLIN THERE! Where is the humanity??


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