21 March 2011

Opening Day at Old Tiger Stadium

Okay, so I know everyone is pumped about opening day for the Tigers. It is honestly one of my favorite days of the year. Just chillin outside all day drinking downtown is such a glorious feeling.

But check this shit out.

You may have heard of the Detroit Mower Gang. They go around fixing up Detroit parks for kids and even adults to hang out at. They've been featured on Detroit 187, which is a kick-ass show by the way. They are kicking off the year of playing pick-up baseball at the old Tiger Stadium (which they now call Ernie Harwell Park) every Sunday on April 3rd.

You can hit a dinger where the great Cecil once did.

They are gonna try to fix it up first, play and then eat some hot dogs. If you can make it, make it. I know I will be officially joining the Mower Gang as of April 3rd.


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