09 March 2011

Hump It Out

I've realized in my few years of working as a cubicle monkey that "hump" day isn't really the day when you get over the hump of the week but rather a sexual reference saying "fuck this week." Wednesday is about the point in my week where I say fuck all this bullshit and stare into the same Excel spreadsheet until it's Friday at 5pm.

Furthermore, I've realized that people get through their week with little jokes about each day. Of course, the most famous:

A majority of these jokes have to do with that day not being Friday. Ahhh the illustrious Friday. There's the "I wish today was Friday. Hahaha", "Is it Friday yet? Huh? AmmIright?", "Ugh ,Thursday mornings are so blah", "Hey at least it's almost Friday." Friday is the biggest dick tease in the world. Its like a strip club/lap dance/over-the-pants handy all in one.There's not one day that my ass is in the seat at the workplace that is sweet. At all. Bottom line. Friday night is a different story, but Friday during the day is just as bad as the rest. I realize it is a beacon of hope, but not enough to base at least 4 shitty jokes off of.
In a corporate setting Friday is to weekdays as Marcia is to the Brady Bunch.


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