24 March 2011


So about 5 months ago I moved to Chicago, and just subleased some joint temporary so I could stack some paper, and figure out the layout. WOW. So I end up living with two 30 year old pot heads, and a dog thats only purposes in life is to shed, and piss on his own legs. I get used to this, But then I find out that we have these 2 Gay landlords Hale and Ed. Still I don't care... About 2 weeks ago I come home blacked out, can't find my keys and boot down my front door. -Aftermath is its an 80 year old, solid oak veneer custom made door. I pay 700 bones to get this fucker replaced, then they want an additional 300 to stain it. I tell them to eat shit and die, and I will do it myself. These fucking homeboy landlords have wanted me to re-stain this door 4 times, because "its not cherry enough" I am about to slam a 4 pack of Buck Range Lights and go all hate crime in this bitch on a Thursday morning.


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