06 March 2011

Prove It Scottie!

Time for people to put their pride where their mouth is.

Do you have a friend that makes outlandish claims because there is no feasible way to prove it?

Well we at BroCo. want to provide a forum for you to prove that asshole wrong and shut them the fuck up.

One time, my buddy Dave said he could wheelbarrow walk to California. Fuckin California! So we took him to the high school track and this guy made it once around the track after a solid hour and a half. Not quite California distance. My man was face planting every 30 feet.  Scotty the Profit thinks he can still throw 80+ MPH fastballs. Well time to man up, brah. Start your training now because baseball season is rapidly approaching and what a better way to kick off our "Prove It" spot than with the age old battle of being too old to still perform like you did when you were 18.

Any ridiculous claims that you would like the BroCo. to put on blast?

Maybe somebody said they can drink you under the table or anything of the sort, the BroCo will document it and make them "Prove It".

Contact Jacob at administrator@dtownbroco.com for details.


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