01 March 2011


Ok, so this thing isn't going away any time soon. Personally, I thought Charlie would have killed himself by now. I'm not rooting for it by any means, but that's just how these things go down; no? I mean Charlie destroys this interview. A+ view by Uncle Charlie. Everyone is saying he is exactly like his character on Two and a Half Men. His character looks like a boy scout compared to the real deal. Sheen is "violently loving" life. I am going to take this man's advice and "sit in my small house and enjoy the show." He must be some type of supreme beings because he knows my living situation and my utter enjoyment of this whole thing. At this point I would take any of this man's advice because he clearly is "winning".


WildSteve said...

Lets gather all our caysh together and get this guy to promote the site! He's the hottest thing out right now and he has to be an advertiser's dream! If I had the capital to hire this guy I would. Sheen is winning. And that's a fact. Everything this man touches will turn to gold and I wish the Coalition had the funds to get Charlie to tweet our site. I can't wait to watch his life unfold.

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